Theme: Museums & Environmental Concerns, New Insights

The CIMUSET 2021 Conference theme is Museums & Environmental Concerns, New Insights. These themes reflect Iran’s natural geographic location; a country that experienced many environmental impacts from fine dust phenomena, dried wetlands, abandoned villages; to lack of precipitation or water shortage. These issues are the result of many causes including the impact of global climate problems on Iran’s environment; national and local policies and individual actions. Furthermore, Iran is a developing country and it is crucial to harmonize the requirements of development and environmental sustainability. Iran as a country with varied and unique biological and climate diversity has a huge genetic and biological heritage.

Iranian National Museum of Science & Technology as a developing academic center tries to play a role in different social concerns like environmental issues by making connections between different stakeholders and informing the public about their role in improving the environment and solving environmental issues.

The conference will also gather a diverse group to share their interests in science, museums, and the environment enabling new connections between practitioners and researchers across national and cultural boundaries. This conference is held during the Covid-19 pandemic that leads to special environmental considerations.

We are looking for submissions that address these broad themes and have outlined some areas of interest below. The themes aren’t exclusive and we encourage applications to push the boundaries of our discussions around these areas:

  • Museums and improving public understanding of environmental issues
  • Museums and Environmental Education
  • Museums and Environmental Citizenship
  • Museums and Sustainable Environment
  • Museum Exhibition about Environmental issues
  • Museums, Environment and Emergent Crises (Covid 19)